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"My thinking is clearer, and I have noticed I learn things much easier" DS Rangiera (Performance Manager)

"My sales went from $50,000 to $120,000 from 1 session with Better Thinking"
Phil (Sales)

"with Michelle Sime, NLP has empowered me to deal with the problem." Julie (Entrepreneur)

"Changes reactions and thinking. It has really helped me."
Melissa (Teacher)

"Surprisingly straightforward" Andrew (Network Engineer)

"Expands options" Patrick (Electrical Engineer)

"Real interesting and quite enlightening."
Grant (Psychologist)

"I feel a lot more calm and at peace." Michelle (Teacher)

"Improved my skills to look thing differently and in a more positive way" Marcelo (Area Manager

Life coach, Relax, where you would like to be

Better Thinking Michelle Sime

Michell Sime will get you to Reach for the sky as a business coach, personal and life coach

Services of Better Thinking

Better Thinking works both with individuals and with groups,
from personal one-on-one sessions to group trainings and processes.

The most prefered method is face to face.

Courses Currently Available

Individual Focus Sessions

Enjoy exclusive confidential training to get past obstacles, clear the echoes of the past, and get a clear picture of where you want to go and how to get there. Usual quantity is 5 - 10 sessions, however 1- 2 sessions is all that is required for resolving specific issues.

$95/session casually and discounts available of booking 3 or more and for Professional Development Hour Requirements.

Traditional Maori Medicines Consultation $55 ($35 with CSC, Gold, or Child). Go to Medicine Plants NZ

contact Better Thinking for more details

Group Trainings currently available

- Business' in-house tailored training

- Personal Focus Workshop

- Effective Communication Workshop

- Managing Stress and Anxiety Workshop

- Better Health with Better Thinking Weekend Read More Here



Self Help Processes on CD or mp3 Download (do the Self Help Questionaire for advice on most appropriate one for you)

Along with other Personal Development techniques there are Business Leader Interviews and nlp techniques for implimenting their methodologies.Contact Better Thinking for purchase .$9.95 per broadcast mp3 or $19.95 per broadcast on CD .

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Downloadable Books, Hardcopy books, Audio Books and CD's
LearnOutLoud.com Dynamic Laws of Prosperity


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